CNTRD is a universal grid or matrix designed to assist people of all size and flexibility levels with their alignment while practicing yoga.

The primary goal of the concept is to help yogis transition between poses more efficiently and confidently in order to focus more energy towards breath and inner awareness. 

CNTRD can also be used as a performance metric allowing its users to measure increases or decreases in their flexibility levels.

By establishing custom “set-points” or “target points” based on ones size and flexibility levels CNTRD users are able to off set any favoring during alignment caused by age or injury.  This benefit can help rehabilitate muscles suffering from minor atrophy due to such favoring and misalignment.  


CNTRDs concept mentioned as one of "6 Yoga Trends to Try In 2017," by Muscle & Fitness Magazine. This feature was released less than a month after CNTRD officially launched its brand at the Yoga Expo in LA on December 17, 2016!!!